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Why a mifwife

Why choose a midwife?

Prenatal visits last 30-45 minutes and provide opportunities to ask questions and develop a trusting relationship with your midwife.


We provide sensitive, continuous one-to-one care in labour and birth and respect choices in birth and the need for privacy.


We use traditional techniques to help you cope with labor, such as massage, relaxation, position changes, and hydrotherapy while still having access to medical options like epidurals for pain relief as needed.  Your midwife can help you discover and trust your body's innate, instinctive ability to give birth.

After birth, we will follow you and your newborn closely for up to 6 weeks.  Your midwife will also visit you in the home or hospital several times during the first week, helping with breastfeeding and ensuring your baby is gaining appropriate weight. Your doctor will resume care of you and your newborn after that.




Accountability, evidenced based care, and continuity of care are the guiding principles in the model governing midwifery care.  Registered midwives collaborate with other health care professionals such as Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Childbirth Educators and doulas to provide comprehensive and coordinated care.


Midwives consult with other professionals when circumstances warrant and transfer care to a physician as indicated in the practice guidelines produced by the College of Midwives of B.C.

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