Heather Munro, 

R.M.(temporary limited scope)

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Hi! I’m Heather Munro, and I have been a registered midwife in BC since 2005, first as a general registrant, and currently I’m working in a Temporary Limited Scope doing clinic prenatal and post partum care, and not attending deliveries.


I was one of the first students to study in the UBC Midwifery Program and was in the first BC graduating class with Sharon and Susan (there were only a handful of us - 7 students in total!).


During my training I worked with midwives, family doctors, obstetricians and paediatricians at BC Women's Hospital and MSA Hospital (now Abbotsford Regional Hospital). 


I have worked in the communities of Vancouver, Mission, Chilliwack, and Abbotsford since becoming a Registered Midwife.  I have strived to provide care for women who have difficulty accessing midwifery care, and I do not mind helping families find extra resources when they are needed.


Prior to attending midwifery school, I was a doula, breastfeeding counsellor, and was trained in massage therapy. My oldest daughter was born the year that midwifery became legalized in BC - 1998. Before there was midwifery training available in BC I travelled to attend Seattle Midwifery School.


I am a mother of four amazing children whom I love spending time with - one of them is a childhood cancer survivor, and part of why I transitioned to being off call. I am often in the backyard gardening with them! Joy Allan was my midwife for my last daughter and I also had the honour to work with Joy, Sharon, and Susan over the years as well - I am happy that the other midwives on this team will be there for your birth!


My aim is to help out in clinic when your primary midwives need a hand, and to be an extra person available for clinic and postpartum breastfeeding support. We will make sure that you get to know the midwives who will be at your birth.


My hope is to help you prepare for birth and provide you with the best prenatal and postpartum support possible. I am happy to review prenatal class questions with you and work on getting you fully prepared for your delivery.