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COVID19 Information

Abbotsford Midwifery & Wellness Clinic latest update


Please note we will remain open to our midwifery clients and the patients of Dr. Das so we can continue to provide you with essential care.  Our dedicated receptionists either Kyla or Regan will be in the office to help support our clinic days.  If you call with a non urgent concern please leave a massage and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

You will receive a phone call prior to your visit to answer some health questions.  Please do not come to our clinic if you are not feeling well, have a cough, fever, shortness of breath or have been in contact with anyone else who is ill including your children.  


We encourage you to follow us on Instagram @abbotsfordmidwiferyandwellness and this webpage to remain up-to-date


Antenatal & Postpartum Visits


Based on The World Health Organization we will be adjusting our in-person clinic schedule to reduce the number of visits and length of visits.  You may be getting a call soon to rearrange your pre-existing scheduled appointments.  We will be replacing some of your appointments with phone or video check-ins.  We will keep you informed when we get our video check ins up and running.  Please watch your email for this.


We will be conducting your first appointment between 7-10 weeks by phone and will fax all of your requisitions for ultrasounds and blood works to the labs of your choice.  We would like to see you in clinic at approximately 12, 20, 26 30, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 4lwks.  We will be keeping our appointments shorter to check your blood pressure and a belly check.  Information sharing will be done virtually.   Because things are changing rapidly you will be booking your follow up phone call or clinic appointment after each visit.  We will no longer book-out all of your appointments ahead of time, this will give us the flexibility in the moment based on the current recommendations as they change.


Please call us anytime if you have any concerns about you or your baby's well being at

604 859-4430

To our Midwifery Clients:


Midwifery Care - Clinic & Abbotsford Regional Hospital Labour and Delivery


We acknowledge many of you may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious during this Covid-19 pandemic.  Please be assured that we as a group are here for you.  We are doing our best to stay informed and up to date on all recent developments and recommendations and will continue to do so.


We will keep our clinic open to continue to provide you with essential care.   Please do not come for your appointment if you are feeling unwell and or are experiencing flu like symptoms or have been exposed to anyone who is ill.  Call us stay home and we will conduct a phone appointment during your scheduled appointment time.  If you have an urgent concern and are ill we will make special arrangements for an in person assessment.


The health and safety of you and your baby is our main priority as such we ask you be on time for your appointment and come alone.  We have staggered and shortened our appointments so you don't have to come into contact with anyone other than your midwife or Dr. Das when you attend a clinic appointment.  You will be asked to wash your hands before and after your visit.  We have put in place stringent cleaning practices in our clinic to ensure your health and safety.


Please be assured It is still safe to have your baby at Abbotsford Hospital  The labour and delivery unit continues to offer excellent care.  You will be supported by a dedicated team of midwives, nurses, GPs, obstetricians and peediatricians.  Your care providers will be wearing gowns, masks and eye protection and you may be asked to wear a mask during the pushing stage.  We are keeping moms and babies together as always and continue to encourage skin to skin.  The hospital cleaning staff are doing an excellent job of keeping our site clean and germ free.


Planned c-sections will go ahead a scheduled.  All other elective and non-urgent surgeries have been cancelled to free up the OR staff and beds that may be needed due to Covid-19.


One support person is allowed during labour and delivery as well as a professional doula.  There are no visitors allowed at this time.  


We can no longer offer Entonox for pain management but will continue to offer, baths, shower, comfort measures, epidurals and narcotics where appropriate through informed choice discussions.


Ultrasounds and lab tests are continuing as usual.  We will fax in your requisition to the lab of your choice.


Home Birth:   We are unable to provide this service until we can get some PPE (personal protective equipment) which we are actively seeking.  We anticipate some of you may choose home birth and we will keep you updated on this through our web page and instagram @abbbotsfordmidwiferyandwellness. 


We at Abbotsford Midwifery & Wellness are encourage your all to stay home, assign one person to pick up groceries or better yet get them delivered.  Use social distancing (6 feet) if you must go out.  We do encourage you to get exercise and fresh air but please choose areas that are quiet and free from crowds.  We are also strongly advising against visitors in your home at this time and when you bring your infant home.  Lets stay safe and do what we can to slow the spread of this virus.

To our clients
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